The House

The main house is arranged on three floors with a large covered terrace at the front (and balcony above) and a large balcony at the rear. It stands to one side of the land and gardens. The walls are of mixed construction  (concrete and Maiella limestone) and the roof is wooden. The house is dry and sound throughout. The walls are rendered and painted (warm cream) and the roof is finished with dark red terracotta tiles. Natural sandstone paving lies beyond the terraces and along the side of the house facing the land.

All  windows and french doors are wooden and nearly all have internal and external shutters. (The exceptions are the attic, stairwell and apartment bathroom eyebrow windows which have no shutters and the master ensuite bathroom and apartment kitchen windows which only have internal shutters.)

Click below for descriptions and plans of the two living floors and the attic floor. (The floor plans are not drawn to scale but are pretty close. The dimensions noted are accurate.)

You should look too at the photos in the Gallery to gain the fullest picture.

Casa La Rocca in the evening

Casa La Rocca is connected to mains electricity, gas and water. There is also a landline telephone connection. There is a cesspit for waste from the house. We harvest rain water from the roof which is collected in a very large tank buried behind the house.

We have a young family as neighbours. Their detached house is about 50m from our front door. The next nearest house is about 200m away.