There are two wooden outbuildings at Casa La Rocca, both constructed since 2009. They are opposite each other, on the field, about 30m from the house. A curving brick-built path leads to them from the side of the house.

The Workshop

This is a 3m by 3m shed with a 3m by 2m half walled porch constructed on a concrete plinth. The apex of the pitched roof is 2.5m high. The workshop has a wooden floor and a half sliding glazed window with a full length built-in work bench below. The window has external shutters and the interior is fully shelved. The door can be secured with a padlock.

The porch has a balustrade and serves also as a log store. The workshop is roofed in wood covered in corrugated bitumen panels. Guttering channels rain water away at the back of the building. There is no electricity or water in the workshop – an extension lead is run from the nearby pizza oven / water feature terrace as required. There is also a tap at the corner of this terrace.

The Machine Shed

This is a 3m by 2m wooden shed with a double door and pitched roof that houses the machinery used on the land – the rotovator, lawnmower, chipper and strimmer. It is also used to store fuel and other loose / bulky items. It has a low roof so that it is largely hidden behind the wall of the pizza oven terrace. It faces the workshop and is secured with a padlock. It can be seen beyond the workshop in this photo.