Ground Floor

The house entrance is a double-opening arched wooden door positioned centrally beneath the front balcony. It opens into an entrance area which then narrows slightly into a hallway running through the center of the house and leading to the stairs and the connecting door to the apartment at the rear. Beyond the entrance area a door opens rightwards into the kitchen and a long archway leads left into the dining room / lounge. A further door, beyond the kitchen, opens rightwards into the laundry utility room / cloakroom. There are two radiators and two small arches in the hallway.

Beneath the stairs is a small storage area housing the cold water tank and pump, which maintains a good pressure at all cold water taps. It’s also an ideal area for storage of wine and other produce.

The ground floor is finished throughout with brown ceramic tiles except for the laundry utility room / cloakroom which is in light beige tiles. The wide stairs are made of light marble with a black painted metal banister rail.

Click here for the ground floor plan (which includes the apartment) and on the links below for descriptions of the three ground floor rooms and the front terrace: