Dining Room / Lounge

This is a large room running the length of the house and the only remains of the original structure. Whilst it was renovated when the house was rebuilt, the original very thick walls and ceilings are still in place. The two halves of the room are separated by a stone arch and each half has a vaulted ceiling with original metal rings which would have supported a rod for hanging items from. Today the walls and ceiling are finished in white textured plaster but it is suspected that stone and brick lie beneath waiting to be revealed… 

There is one arched window, with shutters, that opens onto the front terrace. At the opposite end of the room there is a large open fireplace built in the local style. We burn logs which we buy from the nearby yard, then store and season. (There are two log stores at Casa La Rocca – one on the front terrace next to the front door and one under the porch of the workshop.)

The room has four wall lights plus four spotlights positioned to highlight the arch and vaulted ceilings from below. There are eight power points. The TV satellite dish (Sky) and the terrestrial digital ariel cables both terminate in the room.

There are three radiators in the room – one beneath the window, one to the left of the fireplace and one other in the fireplace half.