Attic Floor

The large attic space is the same size as the second floor and is accessed via metal steps that drop from a hatch in the ceiling above the stair landing. The space has a concrete floor and unplastered stone and concrete walls and is currently used for storage.

It is divided into three sections. The smallest, above the stair hatch, has a low window and leads into a larger area with two low windows and a skylight window giving access to the roof. From this area the third, and largest, area is accessed. This has three low windows.

There is one power point in the attic space (near the access steps) and two lights.

The attic space has no ceiling and the roof slopes to the walls preventing you from standing upright towards the outer edges of the loft. The space would, however, lend itself well to conversion to further bedrooms and/or living rooms and /or a study and /or a workshop. A further independent apartment could be created (possibly with access via an external staircase from the back balcony). A roof terrace could also be created.

Click here for the attic floor plan.