How to Reach Casa La Rocca

Though set in quiet farmland, Casa La Rocca is just a kilometer from the main north-south route through Abruzzo (the S.S. 17) and 10km from the east-west motorway (the A24/A25) that links Rome with Pescara on the Adriatic coast.

The easiest thing to do is to enter our coordinates into Google Maps on your smartphone or tablet. If your device is also equipped with GPS (most are) then you can then get it to plot the precise route to guide you along. Some car SatNavs will also accept the cooordinates. They are:


Click here for a view of the route from the airports to Casa La Rocca. You can also download instructions of how to drive from either Rome or Pescara airports by clicking here.

It’s also easy to reach by train or coach. There are regular road or rail services to Sulmona from Rome or Pescara. Naples too (but it takes a while longer). Casa La Rocca is about 6km from Sulmona station. The train ride to Rome is really nice and surprisingly cheap.