Essential Costs

There are some essential costs of running the business. We cannot predict what these will be for the new owners but a little information about what they have been in the recent past should be useful. There are just single bills for the house and apartment together and it’s not possible to say for certain the proportion attributable to each.

It should be noted, too, that as we are not formally resident in Italy our tariffs tend to be higher than they would be for owners who had decided to become resident.

  • Energy
    Casa La Rocca is connected to mains electricity and gas. They are billed separately every two months. Electricity averages about €125 and gas about €85 for two months for the summer period.
  • Local taxes
    A property based tax, IMU, is paid to the local commune (Pettorano) in two installments a year. The total bill for 2019 was €770. It would be less (probably a lot less) for those formally resident.
  • Water and waste
    There are a number of other property based taxes for communal services such as waste collection and disposal, water and irrigation rights. Allow about €400 a year for these. Again it is believed there are discounts for residents.
  • Internet
    We use a radio based service supplied by Linkem. It costs €23 a month for an always-on high-speed connection without limits. Wifi is available in the house and apartment.
  • Firewood
    Seasoned logs are delivered from the valley timber yard and cost about €13 for 100 kilos. The fire in the living room burns about 2 kilos of wood an hour. (This cost doesn’t affect the holiday business but we note it for general information.)

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