Front of the House

The paved area in front of the house extends forwards to the front flower bed. There is an Austrian pine in this bed as well as a varied collection of shrubs, roses and other annuals. The bed is also planted with spring bulbs and every May and June boasts a wonderful display of wild poppies. The irrigation pipe for the vineyard passes under it and there is an inspection hatch in the middle of the bed.

IMG_20130510_105934 (960x1280) IMG_20130517_084156 (960x1280)

In front of the flower bed is the graveled car park with space for four cars. The car park is bordered by a lavender hedge and wooden rail fence on two sides but is open to the adjoining field on the third side. This is to allow tractors to turn using the edge of the car park (the right to do so exists for the owners of the field).

There is a gap in the corner of the car park fence big enough for a vehicle to gain access to the orchard. An extension of the orchard lies between the far side of the car park and the neighbour’s garden wall.