The orchard is the area between the vineyard and our neighbour’s garden wall. When we came it held about 40 mixed fruit trees, of various ages and in various states of health, ¬†but we have reduced this to about 15 productive trees – mostly apples (about 4 varieties) but a few pears, quince, cherries and a large persimmon. There are a few apple and pear trees on other parts of the land and three bountiful fig trees behind the pizza piazza.

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In a good year the orchard can yield up to 800kg of fruit.

Some of the space in the orchard gained from taking out old trees can be used as an auxiliary vegetable plot (for beans, courgettes, cucumbers, chilies and aubergines). The orchard and this plot are watered by diverting the communal  irrigation channel that runs alongside the road at the end of our lane. All growers in the valley have the right to take water from the irrigation channel network (an annual charge is made).

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