Kitchen Garden and Pizza Piazza

Stone paving and a graveled drive run along the side of the house facing the land and beyond that, opposite the main kitchen, we have created a herb and salad garden. There are three raised beds, edged with chestnut off-cuts, and a further area before the piazza.

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The garden can be easily watered from the buried rain collection tank or from mains-fed taps on the outside of the house and on the far corner of the piazza. The inspection hatch for the cesspit is situated beside the kitchen garden.

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Beyond the kitchen garden we built a piazza with a water feature and a pizza oven. There is also a stone built seat in a walled corner and several flower beds, The piazza is cobbled with stones we gathered from the land. The water feature has a pump and fountain and there are also remote controlled lights, two power points and a tap. Three fig trees grow behind the oven.

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